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LWRC SIX8 Razorback Edition SIX8RB16SPR-RE, 6.8mm SPC, 16.1 in, Magpul MIAD Stock, Cerakote Burnt Bronze Finish





The SIX8™ weapons are short-stroke, gas-piston operated rifles chambered in the 6.8x43mm SPC cartridge. This cartridge was developed as part of the Enhanced Rifle Cartridge Program in which U.S. Special Operations soldiers, as well as armorers and other technicians from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, played a major role. Its primary purpose was to address the deficiencies in terminal performance seen with the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, while allowing the soldier to carry the same number of rounds with minimal weight penalty. It succeeds in doing so because it uses a heavier bullet with excellent accuracy, which delivers more energy across all effective ranges.

Until now, a major drawback of using the 6.8 cartridge in an M4 style weapon has been the lack of reliable magazines. So, when we designed the SIX8™ family of weapons, we started with the magazine. Partnering with Magpul®, the leader in polymer magazine engineering, we designed the first polymer 6.8 magazine. Building upon the magazine, we designed the SIX8™ platform for maximum reliability and improved ergonomics. The upper and lower receivers are designed to accommodate the slightly larger polymer magazine and to perfect the feed geometry for the 6.8 cartridge. In addition, we have prompted Federal Ammunition to develop new lines of affordably priced, high performance 6.8 ammunition for commercial, law enforcement and military applications.

As with the IC family, the weapons in the new SIX8™ family are fully ambidextrous and equally suited to right- or left-handed operators. The SIX8™ rifles are based on the familiar Stoner M4/AR15/M16 architecture, but they have been optimized specifically for use with the 6.8 cartridge.

The new SIX8™ family combines the ultimate in ergonomic user-friendly rifles with the outstanding mid-range 6.8 cartridge.

The SIX8 Razorback is a limited edition of 500 units. Each rifle comes with 500 rounds of Federal 6.8mm ammo loaded with Gold Dot bullets, XM68C. This ammo is hard to find on the commercial market.

Caliber: 6.8mm SPC
Barrel Length: 16.1″
Weight (unloaded): 7.25 lbs (16.1″ barrel)
Length (overall): 32″ – 35.25″ (16.1″ barrel)
Rate of Fire: Semi Auto
Rifling: 1/10″ RH
Stock/Pistol Grip: LWRCI/Magpul MIAD
Sights: LWRCI Folding BUIS Front and Rear
Magazine: Magpul 30 rd. P-Mag
Muzzle Device: LWRCI flash hider 5/8×24 TPI


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